Design and spec considerations for the premium experience

Over the last 18 months, we’ve seen significant growth in premium video solutions. A number of Barco Residential DCI projectors have been specified and deployed by integrators, along with big 3 chip projectors.

As the level of content quality that we receive into our homes, and the regular TV’s that we view this content on, have improved so much, there is a larger appetite for “something like this, but MUCH bigger”. With the video bar being raised by the latest OLED’s, PS5’s, Xbox’s, Disney+ and so on, people are seeing how important it is to have a truly impressive video experience.

When scaling the image size up, there are different aspects to consider, such as, viewing angle and distance, typical content preferences and ambient light level in the room. In our two demo systems at our HQ in Huntingdon, we have the ability for integrators to show their clients the traditional 45° viewing angle as well as a 50° viewing angle that the extra resolution UHD projectors afford us. This flexibility is key. The viewing angle guidelines are great but being able to show their impact to a client with a demonstration has helped integrators ensure they are delivering a screen size that best suits the client and their room.

The ambient light in the room will also tell us what type of environment we are working with and how much light reflected back from the screen that we need to target. This means that all the systems we design with DbM integrators are based on engineering numbers to ensure guaranteed results. Again, this is absolutely critical. If you want a huge image that lights up the room, we know what projector you need to achieve that! Barco has such an extensive range it really does make the specification job very simple.

With a huge range of lenses for each model and light outputs from 2200 to 32,000(!) ANSI Lumen (and, we’re talking REAL light output numbers, not manufactured ones!), we have the right projector for every application. With native 5k projectors designed for 2.37 aspect ratio screens for zero compromise all the way up to flagship DCI units that are capable of a film director of grading movie content on. As always, there is more to image quality than numbers, it is essential that the amazing contrast ratio figures and colour accuracy of the projector are maximised by amazing optics. Barco offers lenses that go from as little as 0.3:1 all the way out to 10.83:1, covering any conceivable screen size or throw distance.

The other advantage projectors offer is that to create a truly immersive experience, you need to match the amazing picture with superb sound. The acoustically transparent screens we offer from Display Technologies enable us to engineer the perfect LCR placement behind the screen to ensure the audio and video are always perfectly synced in both timing and positioning. A quality image surface also ensures the image is pin sharp and the dialogue is crisp, both essential for drawing the viewer in.

Does that mean there isn’t a space for super-sized TV? No, not at all!

In the very bright, open plan living spaces that are becoming more and more popular, a large format (130"+) direct view LED screen is a great choice. With huge brightness you can enjoy sports and gaming at any time of the day with all of the lights on, no problem at all!

Partner such a screen with a pair of discrete in wall speakers like Meridian’s DSP750’s or make a real statement with Meridian’s flagship DSP8000 XE loudspeakers and you have an immense experience that fits into a popular new way that homes are being constructed today.

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