DbM and Waterfall Audio join forces

to provide professional installers access to Waterfall’s speaker range

Established in 1996, Waterfall Audio positions itself in a niche segment of the market with its innovating concept of glass-made speakers. Using sophisticated manufacturing processes for glass cutting with precision near 100 Microns, Waterfall Audio has mastered the art of glass assembly, designing some truly unique and stunning products exclusively for the luxury audio visual market.

Waterfall Audio was founded in Northern France by Cedric Aubriot, the current Managing Director. Beginning his passion for audio when he was just 12 years old, Cedric used his desire for creating something unique and beautiful to try his luck and turn his passion into his work.

Cedric focused on building the proper foundations for the first three years – establishing industrial partnerships, developing the Acoustic Damping Tube (ADT) technology and organising the production unit.

The first Waterfall Audio glass speaker was unveiled on the French market in November 1999. Over 23 years after the first sale of a Glass loudspeaker, Waterfall Audio is now distributed in over 50 countries and has received many awards worldwide for design and acoustic excellence.

The company’s dedication to performance and elegance results in the team’s dedication to researching new technologies and innovation. When designing a speaker, the team’s focus is on integration, elegance and performance. The innovative use of glass, together with its exclusive technologies, has allowed Waterfall Audio to free itself from using a traditional speaker structure and instead offer a living piece of art.

DbM entered into a partnership with Waterfall Audio in 2020 when it became the exclusive distributor within the UK market, providing professional integrators access to Waterfall Audio’s glass and aluminum speaker range.

"We started our relationship by being intrigued by the beautiful aesthetic of the Victoria Evo glass loudspeaker and left being thoroughly impressed by the depth of engineering that goes into each Waterfall Audio product. They share DbM’s ethos of excellent engineering, stunning aesthetic and outstanding audio performance. We need to know the de facto engineering numbers from the brands that we work with to ensure that our design service provides a solution that really delivers. Waterfall Audio does that, which enables us to deliver incredible performance every time."

Barry Sheldrick, Director of Sales for DbM

Thanks to the partnership, UK integrators have exclusive access to the range of on-wall, in-wall and in-room speakers for residential installs.

All handmade in the South of France using glass and aluminum, these speakers are simply beautiful to look at and amazing to listen to, particularly when powered by Meridian amplifiers. DbM dealers also have access to the Waterfall Audio Pro Custom Series.

The Waterfall Audio Pro Custom range offers a very high-performance cinema line up with an innovative installation process that literally creates the front baffle wall. Working in conjunction with the DbM Design and Specification service, integrators can be confident in hitting their SPL targets and providing great coverage for each row of seats, along with solid, fast and tight bass.

The range includes:

LCR500 - The very high-power handling means that it is intended for rooms sizes between 40 to 100m². Its total depth (21 cm) is equivalent to the depth of the SUB600S and makes it easy to integrate behind the acoustically transparent screen.

LCR300 – This speaker is designed for rooms from 20 to 50m². The dynamic capacities of three LCR300 will be best utilised by partnering them with a pair of SUB600S.

SAT150 - Due to its 9.9cm thickness, the SAT150 is the ideal in wall surround speaker to be partnered with either the LCR300 or the LCR500.

SUB600S - The SUB600S allows you to experience low frequency in a new dimension like never before. Its 2 x 23cm long excursion drivers (32mm) move more air than a traditional 30cm driver and is much quicker.

RS700 – Incredibly powerful (a true 2 x 700W amplifier) with custom configured by Waterfall DSP engine to deploy performance enhancing technologies along with protection from over driving. The perfect partner to get the most out of the LCR 500, LCR300 and SUB600S.

Built to order, these speakers deliver breath-taking sound and is the answer to the most demanding movie enthusiasts. The dynamics and power available from Waterfall Audio’s own DSP amps is truly special and something which DbM has been receiving amazing feedback on from installations that integrators have completed.

These speakers are best demonstrated at the DbM HQ in Cambridgeshire. Contact Us Now to book an appointment – you won’t be disappointed.

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